Strong Body

It's not about where you are in your journey today, it's about where you are going and who is by your side supporting you every step of the way!


our mission.

We want your workout to feel like a party.
One that frees you of worries & relieves the stress you may be carrying.
An experience that reconnects you with your body, your mind & your soul.

want accountability & community?

Join our Live Zoom Workouts.

Join us live so we can move & connect with you.
Lose yourself in a soundtrack of carefully-selected music.
Absorb words of affirmation from our coaches.
Release your feelings and work the chaos out.
Move your body; free your mind.

prefer workouts on your own terms?

Grab our Pre-Recorded Workouts.

Connect with your body, mind & soul on your own time. If you need more flexibility and less accountability, choose from our extensive pre-recorded on-demand workout library.

something for everyone

Exciting Class Options.

We have a wide variety of classes that include everything from traditional bootcamp-style to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), to dance, barre, and yoga. Each class is designed with purpose, and follows our method of curated music, targeted movement, breathwork and affirmation.

bonuses: because we care

Free Meditation & Stress Sessions.

This summer we are offering free weekly Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions + occasional bonus stretch sessions to our community because we think stretching is like the dessert to your main meal: the workout.

There's more free stuff - we also offer:
Monthly Recipe Ebook
Access to our private Facebook group
Pre-recorded workouts (when you miss a live class)
Easy access to your personalized resources
Reminder emails for class

What the Royal Family is are saying...
Stef S

“Today was rough for me and I didn't really realize the weight I've been feeling until 10 minutes left in class, I broke down. And your words at the end mean so much. Thank you. I appreciate you girls in my life so much.”

Amanda S.

“Thank you, Ashley for such an amazing workout sesh this morning! It was more like a workout party! Killer music, awesome environment and so much support. Even though we were all in our homes it felt like we were all partying together. Thanks for starting my morning and weekend off badass.”

Erin L.

“Honestly I have no words to describe the gratitude and love I have for you ladies. You guys have changed the way I view myself and so much more. I've come to the realization that I'm strong, independent, and deserve more than I give myself credit for. I honestly have no words to express my thanks.“

Arielle S.

“I honestly haven't felt this good, healthy and HAPPY in a long fucking time. Like, hella hella long. Between you three ladies and the community you've built and my going to therapy. This level of happy is something I haven't known since I can remember. so, THANK YOU.”

Ann S.

“Ashley, thank you so much for that awesome workout this morning. It was just what I needed after a stressful week! yYou girls rock for doing so much for our community. I'm so happy to be a part of it.“

Kristy L.

“I was never someone who thought working out affected my mood.  The last two weeks have proved me completely wrong. Yesterday was tough and I didn't want to go to 'virtual boot camp' but I went. And I got to chat with my girls. Although I'm missing in person this helped me more than I ever expected!”

Rebecca F.

“I love this community and all it has to offer (which is A LOT). I have been doing some of the live stream classes for a couple months now and I love them. It feels nice to do classes as a group through Zoom and the instructors are very engaging. Highly recommended.”

We move together in synchrony to work the body.
We coach with words of affirmation to train the mind.
We carefully-select playlists that speak to the soul.
lets work through some stuff together xx
join the movement here

let's connect

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