our method.

Our approach has a purpose: to free your body, mind & soul.

Each class starts with deep breathing and intention setting to bring you back home to your body.

Class movements are done collectively, consciously and in synchrony, so we can release even more feel-good hormones than regular calisthenics.

Coaches use words of affirmation to reframe your negative thoughts & dose you with dopamine.

Soundtracks are carefully-selected and curated to feed the soul & drive the workout.

And each workout wraps with stretching & breathing to ground you again.

our why.

"Your mind and body are intimately connected. 
And while your brain is the master control system of your body’s movements,
the way you move can also affect the way you think and feel."
- health.harvard.edu

We know workouts have a positive impact on your mental health,
but we want them to be more than simple calisthenics.

We want it to be an experience:
One that frees your mind of negative chatter.
Relieves you of the stress you're holding on to.
Brings you back to your body without judgement.
Ignites your desire for pleasure.
And gets you horny for life again.

So we've brought together our love for fitness, music & self-development

for an immersive workout experience. When you move your body, you free your mind.